Create a Charming Little Picnic Space at Home

You have an empty room at home? You have a tiny little space in the attic or elsewhere and you are wondering what to do with it? Another sofa with a coffee table seem too random and even boring. Turning it into a bedroom is somehow pointless and not that practical, as you will use one bed only. Creating another playroom for the kids, when they have their own and in addition have occupied a great part of your living room. Neither of these sounds like a good idea and neither of this is in reality, as well. You need something creative. You need a place that will take you out of the everydayness and will bring you into another lovelier, calmer and problem lacking reality. But what should it be? How to create this place of your dreams? And what is it indeed? Luckily, you need creativity and you don’t millions. You need the desire to make things and you need to use your imagination. And what you could create, what could save your stressful evenings and days full of tasks, what could bring you to a fairytale world and where you can chill, relax and dream on, is that picnic spot in your house.

The Basis

What you need for a picnic. The few essentials that you bring into the wild, into the park, on the beach or in this case at home, are simple, but adorable. A big blanket or why not a couple should be nicely spread all around the floor. Then on the top, better arrange cushions and pillows over the blankets. The more of them the better. You will lay on the floor and these things will make the experience cozier and much more comfortable. The good news is that these won’t cost you too much and what is even better, you can choose an orient pattern and have the feeling you are in Abu Dhabi or in a desert somewhere, while you are upstairs at home.picnic-977866_960_720

The Details

What else can make this place even nicer? First are the candles. You need more of them and you need to spread them nicely, but wisely, as well. After all, you dream of an unforgettable experience, but it does not include a fire, right? Another thing you may consider is a little coffee table – somewhere, to put serve the brunch or the dinner on. A place you can put the glasses

full of wine, while you are lying next to each other, talking, dreaming, inspiring.

The Atmosphere

You need no lights. In the night it will be the candles only, which will surely remind you of a bonfire. Early in the morning you could wake up from the sunshine and enjoy the beams falling over. But one thing more that could make the experience even better is the music. You need it, but you need not you phones, laptops, and everything connected with the reality. So find an old music source and desire.

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