Three so Gross Situations You Need to Cope With Now

There is a certain extent of mess that is acceptable. No one expects to find an always perfectly clean house, an absolutely spotless window or an oven with no trace of grease. And after all, you are living in this place and as long as it is not time for an end of tenancy cleaning and you are not moving out, your house or rented apartment could be a little bit messy, unorganised and not always perfectly maintained. However, there are some situations that are so gross that you need to take care of right now, on the instant.bathroom-691341_960_720 They are unacceptable and the truth is that they speak for you more than all the nice words of your friends and family. So don’t turn into a neat freak, but start paying more attention to those little things that seem so irrelevant, but actually do matter. And when you notice one of these situations, roll up your sleeves and get to work now.

The hard water stains in the bathroom

are gross. What you indeed do not want is having a bath and noticing the tiles covered with some weird kind of stains that are just awful. Bu there is a scenario even worse than this one. Imagine a friend of yours or a bunch of them coming to your house for a coffee, brunch or dinner and entering that bathroom, which you haven’t cleaned in ages. Most probably it doesn’t smell all so lovely, as well, but even if it does, there are those stains we were talking about, underneath which you could hardly see the real colour of the tiles. And in this same moment your guest is considering the way he could run from your house screaming. Clean. This is the ultimate solution.

The all covered with dust house

The dust is innocent. The dust is all over the world. The dust is something we cannot get rid of for good. But the dust is something you need to clean at least once a week. And you know what happens, when you don’t? Your house is in awful condition. And that is why whoever comes there just doesn’t want to touch a thing in this place where this same dust is the master. It’s disgusting. The entire idea of an entire house covered with a layer of dust makes me sick. So please, make me a favour, and don’t allow it to be so dirty ever.

The stains on the carpets and on the walls

The stains are horrible and every time you or one of your guests spills something you are having a panic attack. However, as soon as you clean them on the instant, it would be an easy-peasy task. So the moment you see the wine flying to your white carpet, get the spirit or the colourless alcoholic drink and roll up your sleeves. Because the one thing you don’t want for sure is that big red stain in the middle of the living room.

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